#Daar Ergens // CD Release by Akwasi

By on Oct 17, 2014

Last week, Amsterdam rapper and theater writer Akwasi (Owusu Ansah) released his long expected album ‘Daar Ergens’ at the Mini Brand Store in Amsterdam. Together with vocalist Rob Dekay and band, Akwasi performed the complete album for the first time at a black-tie event. The rapper first made name for himself in the Dutch hip-hop scene with hip-hop formation ‘Zwart Licht’, which consists of rapper Leeroy, the producer Hayzee and himself. During his tours, he also found time to graduate from theater school and write different plays. One of them is called ‘Daar Ergens’. The album (translated ‘There Somewhere’) is a combination of hip-hop and pop, consisting of adaptations of the works of the now 10-year deceased singer and composter Bram Vermeulen, who is a great inspiration to Akwasi. The cd is brought out under the label Neerlands Dope, a new label set up by the rapper himself. The...

The Merdeka! Pack by Green Paper Boys

By on Sep 28, 2014

Our good friends at Green Paper Boys recently launched their ‘Merdeka! Pack‘ – a long sleeve jersey in black and white editions, and a black flag. The word merdeka, Indonesian for ‘independent’ and ‘free’, is based on the belief that ‘merdeka’ is an important foundation in anyone’s life. The materials are made out of polyester, spandex and nylon which is a nice blend that provides a light and breathable feel; to keep you comfortable while hustling hard. Have a look at their video below. For more information on sales, visit their...

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness” // WANDERLUST

By on Sep 16, 2014

WANDERLUST is an eye-opening and mind-broadening exhibition, curated by the cultural producer Sasha Dees. Central to this exhibition is the importance and influence travel has on artists and their work. Most of the selected artists wander(ed) to a great number of countries, for shorter or longer times, supported by the Mondriaan Foundation or on their own merits. There is always that strong desire and impulse to travel and explore the world, to learn and be inspired. They continuously expand their art practice by applying their encounters, experiences, new insights and knowledge, acquired while wandering, in their work and/or work methods. The artists involved are amongst others: Yasser Ballemans who used carnival as a sculptural and cultural manifestation; Wouter Klein Velderman researched the importance of making artistic decisions with others in order to grow; Charlotte Schleiffert...

Not A Brand Just Ties // Modernizing the Classic Suit

By on Sep 12, 2014

NOT A BRAND JUST TIES Is a small The Hague-based company, owned by Erik and Martijn . They both love to surf. And they both love to wear a tie to complete a fresh outfit. But they couldn’t find a tie that bridged the gap between their work and leisure. ‘ We think that a tie is a timeless classic and one of the most versatile accessories for any outfit. But in our opinion traditional ties are boring.’ So they decided to come up with their own creations and start their own company. They set down with different graphic designers to start a series of six neck ties. The designs in this collection combine traditional patterns with modern graphic design, which reflects Erik and Martijn’s passion for nature, surfing, city life and design. Inspired by the Dutch coast, this first collection features, among others, designs of a wood-pattern, tire tracks and dazzle camouflage. The...

Isysia & PUMA // An Artistic View On Fashion

By on Aug 28, 2014

AJANAKU invites upcoming artists to share their view on fashion. Not in words, but through their artistry. By incorporating a fashion product in their work, each item is approached as a piece of art. This time we asked the talented illustrator Isysia from Belgium to share her vision on the iconic shoe PUMA ‘States’. PUMA ‘States’, 1980 Back in the 80’s, the PUMA Suede became the IT shoe in the hip-hop scene on the streets of New York City. A timeless classic and an integral part of sneaker history, the style was embraced by many sub-cultures and called by many names: the ‘Suede’, the ‘Clyde’, and PUMA ‘Joints’ to name a few – but it was the UK scene that adopted this style and made it their own, aptly re-naming it the PUMA ‘States’, after its birthplace. Initially, the shoe was not sold in Britain and was hard to find: but the legendary status amongst the NYC...

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