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Italy is famous for many things… but the one thing that gets a true gentlemen’s heart beating is the distinctive smell of gasoline, oil and rubber, mixed in with the sound of roaring motors. This is exactly the feeling you get when at one of the most famous motor race in the world – the Mille Miglia. I believe that images are stronger than words, so enjoy the images below and imagine the sounds of the classic motors race...

BySju Bowler Hats

By on Jul 6, 2014

Sju is a young designer & founder of BySju, a starting bowler hat brand with a dream to make wearing hats a lifestyle. Bowler hats are beautiful pieces of clothing that deserve not to be forgotten. Each design is inspired by the colorful and vibrant soul of London and is handmade in Moravia, Czech Republic, a region known for one of the best hat making craftsmanship in the world. Building on its production’s exceptional skills and expertise, all BySju hats are made from the finest locally sourced materials. Their latest campaign involving musicians, actors, sculptors, writers and painters, among others, is a collaborative and ongoing project. Its aim is to promote all these gifted individuals who they believe are worthy of much more attention and whose work deserves to be recognized by a broader audience. Check out BySju on Kickstarter, and support this great...

Audi Summer Night At The Stedelijk Museum

By on Jul 3, 2014

Last week we were invited to the Audi Summer Night at Amsterdam’s famous museum the Stedelijk Museum. For a few years now, Audi has organized this exclusive night on the longest day of the year to celebrate the beginning of Summer and its strong relation with the modern art institution. The reception was on a special designed Audi terrace; under the marquise of the ‘bateau’ shaped museum, we were welcomed with a fresh cocktail, and there was a live jazz band to set the summer mood. Shortly after, visitors were escorted into the museum for a reading by the Dutch writer Joost Zwagerman, who spoke about the ‘enlightenment and influence of art’; different paintings were presented, numerous artists were described and various oeuvres were discussed, all to explain what happiness art can bring. With this teaching in mind and a floor map in hand, the galleries were opened for us to freely roam...

Pitti Uomo Spring 2014 // No.2

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By on Jun 20, 2014

On Sunday the 22nd of June 2014, WDSTCK will open its new exhibition at the concept store SPRMRKT in Amsterdam, called ‘WDSTCK X SPRMRKT’. The collection is based on the Greek Mythology ‘The Lost Daughter of Icarus’: One day, a skilfull craftsman and artist called Daedalus, was on the run for the armies of King Minos. To flee from them, he created two pairs of wings; one for himself and one for his son Icarus. The wings were made out of wax and feathers. When flying, Icarus started getting too close to the sun which caused the wax on his wings to melt, and ultimately sent him plummeting towards his doom in the tumultuous seas below. Back on earth, Icarus had a daughter, who lived a solitary life. After her father’s death, she hid and locked herself in Daedalus’ cathedral – her fear of being devoured by the sun, just like her dad, made her fearful of leaving the...

Pebblestone // Fitness For the Soul

By on Jun 17, 2014

Having a peaceful mind in our present-day society is not easy – phone calls, e-mails, appointments and social activities are easily part of ‘another regular day’. A current trend is the principle of ‘Mindfulness’, where you work on a constructive manner to ease the mind. But I can imagine most people will find it too ‘woolly’ to adopt. MOJO Creations has however invented a device that uses modern technology to help train the mind. on being more calm and sensible to the little things in life; the Pebblestone. The source of inspiration for Mojo Creations is The Science of Gratitude. Recently, scientists have begun to chart a course of research aimed at understanding the importance of gratitude and the findings are impressive. This encouraged MOJO Creations to develop a tangible tool with which people can consciously apply the practice of gratitude and thus to...

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