Photography Book Lion Base


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LION BASE is the name of a notorious gutter in the center of Freetown – Sierra Leone, which was home to 20 teenage boys who found themselves orphaned and homeless due to the brutal civil war. To raise awareness on the situation of these youngsters, the  photography book ‘Lion Base‘ was launched in New York July 18th. It documents the collaborations between acclaimed photographer Barron Claiborne, Shawn Peters, Parisian artist JR and the 20 Sierra Leone kids.

The book provides an intimate perspective into raw life in the streets of Freetown, showcasing their development from a life of crime and violence into forming the creative collective FOLORUNSHO. Their creations and artistic collaborations are available in select locations around the world such as COLETTE in Paris and SOTO in Berlin. The boys collaborated with Parisian artist JR and are featured in his INSIDE OUT art project .The FOLORUNSHO collaborations have included a collection of hand-embroidered jeans shirts with LEE and limited edition sneakers with K1X. The boys_are presently working on a baby stroller in collaboration with German manufacturer CYBEX.

The FOLORUNSHO collective rejects donations and instead strives to conquer the world through passion, art and talent. The sales from their collaborations have allowed the boys to go to school for the time being able to pay for it with the proceeds.A documentary will come out soon. For the time being, the trailer can be viewed here















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