Drive ugo// Receive 15 euro credit

By on Mar 26, 2014

Drive ugo is a taxi service that aims to give the world of transportation new meaning; through its user- friendly application, Drive ugo offers an easy way to order a top quality ride, with a friendly chauffeur, for a fair price. The ugo always has 4G WIFI available, and a cool bottle of water waiting for you. Payment can be done afterwards via creditcard and direct debet, or in the ugo by cash or pin. Every new user of Drive ugo receives €10 starting credit through the app. And all our AJANAKU-readers receive an additional €5 discount when an ugo is ordered – a screen will pop up with the request for a code, where you can use the special code ‘ajanaku’. The code is valid until May 1st, 2014. To download the app, visit: iPhone: http://bit.ly/ugo-ios Android:...

Milou Maass & Herschel Supply // An Artistic View On Fashion

By on Mar 18, 2014

In this art series, AJANAKU invites upcoming artists to share their view on fashion. Not in words, but through their artistry. By incorporating a fashion item in their work, each item is approached as a piece of art. This time we asked young designer and illustrator Milou Maass to share her opinion on the “2014 Studio Collection”, by Herschel Supply, from a female point of view. Designed to challenge the elements with finesse, and inspired by the perseverance to race against the wind, the twelve piece series is made to prepare all men for any voyage. What did Maass find of the bag? ‘When I saw the Herschel backpack I immediately thought of mountain climbing and hiking, which is obviously a pretty masculine pastime. I still wanted to incorporate the mountain climbing as an inspiration but I made it more feminine by creating a sort of bondage construction with mountain...

ARCHIST // What Would A House Designed By Mondrian Or Anish Kapoor Look Like?

By on Mar 16, 2014

What Would A House Designed By Mondrian Or Anish Kapoor Look Like? This is a question Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina asked himself in a recently unveiled project, titled ‘Archist.’ It is all about looking at the connection between architecture and the visual arts, a project that comprises a series of illustrations of imaginary buildings inspired by famous works of art. The resulting images demonstrate what Federico Babina believes is the ”implicit partnership between Architecture and Art.” The facade is sometimes treated as a canvas decorated with a well-known piece of art, while in other cases, inspiration is drawn from the artist’s overall output to create an inventive architectural composition. List of artists: Keith Haring, Sol LeWitt, Anish Kapoor, Salvador Dalí, Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso, Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Donald Judd,...

Miles Aldridge // One Black&White And Twenty Four Colour Photographs

By on Mar 16, 2014

On March 8, Reflex Gallery in Amsterdam opened a new exhibition by Miles Aldridge, called “VAnitas” One Black&White and Twenty Four Color Photographs by . Aldridge, who studied at Central St Martins, was first a music video director before he became a fashion photographer in the 1990s. His former career seemed to have inspired his current one, as all his photographs tend to transmit a certain cinematic feeling; his images are clear and perfect, and most of the time beautiful women are depicted, who look like they live in a perfect world. But when you look closer, their worlds aren’t that awesome; their blank expressions and empty stares betray their unhappiness. It’s Aldridge’s aim to depict the female in a state of contemplation, so the viewer is left wondering what is going on in her head. He explains: ‘A slightly uncomfortable quality is what I’m after. I...

Herschel Supply & Kevin Butler // Rad Cars With Rad Surfboards

By on Mar 14, 2014

Yesterday we saw the launch of Herschel Supply’s new collection designed with Californian artist, Kevin Butler, at the Lobster House in Amserdam. As the creator of well-loved series, Rad Cars with Rad Surfboards, Kevin’s playful illustrations adorn beach ready silhouettes, that are ideal for sun drenched days. From an early age, Kevin recognized old cars and surfboards as functional art, seeing the romance behind their craftsmanship. Several decades later, Kevin has nostalgically translated these two loves into a new art form with Rad Cars, striking a chord with fans worldwide. “There are a very select few companies that I really want to align myself with. Herschel Supply has always been one of them. Working with Herschel was great because they’re a really nice sized company – big enough to get rad stu done, but not so big that you have to go through unnecessary layers,” Kevin...

The Oger Story

By on Mar 13, 2014

In ‘The Oger Story‘ we are told about the how the family Lusink started Oger and the true driving force behind this father-son company. A story full emotion, passion, heritage & love for the finest Italian fabrics.

Aether Cone

By on Mar 13, 2014

More than 20 million tracks, Internet radio stations and podcasts are all available in the database of the Aether Cone. The smart system is able to learn and remember what you last heard and what content you most prefer. The controls are simple: You turn the dial to play the music, and if you liek what you hear, more like it will be played. If you want to change your selection, just turn the dial again. The button in the center serves as a pause button, but also gives you th echance to say a command to the device. A great little box, that does the thinking for you. Love it! ) More than 20 million tracks, Internet radio stations and podcasts are all available in the database of the Aether Cone. The smart system is able to learn and remember what you last heard and what content you most prefer. The controls are simple, turn the dial to play, if you like what you hear, you wiull hear more...

Bee in the City // London

By on Mar 11, 2014

It took more than 6 months, but the first trip out of Holland is a fact. London here come the Ajanaku’s with our little 6-month-old Ava-Ilesha. One of many trips this year, London was the first trip because of one reason, the close distance from home. Unsure how our little girl would do on the plane, we felt it smart to start with a short hour flight to see how she would do. So what was the most important thing we had taken with us? Instead of a long list of the standard things from pampers to food, the most important thing was a flexible, agile, and sturdy stroller. For us this is definitely the Bugaboo Bee. With little Ava safely in the Bee, we headed straight for the airport to catch our morning flight to London Heathrow. As we approached the gate, the ground staff noticed us and ushered us forward to board the plane first. No need for a Frequent Flyer Platinum card here, we belong...

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