Socks from Gammarelli: the Pope’s Tailor


Who doesn’t want to wear the same socks as the pope and be fashionable at the same time

Gammarelli is the official tailor of the Pope and most of roman cardinals and bishops hold in esteem this tiny shop located in the center of Rome. It provides ecclesiastics with outstanding outfits.


Since 1790, The Gammarelli family has been the official tailor of the popes and prelates. They knit, sew and embroider the famous red, purple, black and white ceremonial dress. Now, from Roma, comes these luxury Gammarelli socks.

The red socks were initially made for cardinals, the purple ones for bishops and the black ones for parish priests. This new standard in luxury socks has already been adopted by Phoenix’s musicians, the french prime minister Francois Fillon, and many others!

Fortunately for those who do not have time to go to Roma, the Gammarelli socks are now available online.

Buy the Gammarelli socks here for €19.90

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