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Menco’s Summer Outfit

The time of great travelling and discovering the world is over. No more Indiana Jones style jungle trips or Captain Cook boat adventures for this generation. And although at NEW TAILOR we are currently making a series of bespoke vests for a gentleman who will actually go and dig for dinosaurs, our modern day travelling gear should be light, practical and easy.

I might as well take you with me on my own current trip. My girlfriend and I left Amsterdam by car on Sunday for a three day trip to this small Swedish cabin near Linköping (Eastern Götland). We planned ‘en route’ stops at the Danish & German border and at Landskrona, just north of Malmö. Fantastic trip, showcasing all kinds of landscapes.

The Summer’s temperature is high and you’re in a car. You don’t want to look super sartorial in your handmade Italian jacket and  your high rise trousers, do you? There’s another time and place for that. So just stick to a good quality cotton t-shirt (with a large pocket to keep it practical and a bit fashionable) and some well done shorts. Shorts in cars are essential. A pair of Spanish or French boat shoes – espadrilles – are light and easy to slip into. Do bring an easy jumper for those colder or rainy moments (raincoats aren’t needed for those quick runs to the toilet during a stop). Sunglasses are important. Mostly because of the ability to keep your eyes safe from the sun, but you fahionistos out there get the chance to put some ‘sprezzatura‘ (effortless elegance) in this choice of accessory. Last, but not least, bring your iPhone to get that internet love on Instagram.

This article is written by Menco Nieuwenhuis, Creative Director New Tailor

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